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L Miller:

As a member of YWB this past year I have tried to be an active member and sponsor. With the pre-launch of Just Ten Time I have been well rewarded for my work by being given 10,000 advertising credits! That's awesome! They will come in handy when JTT launches!

We were told from the beginning that if we were active that we would be rewarded. It's nice to be part of a company that takes care of its members and has a CEO that is hard working, knowledgeable, and honest and has a support staff that is second to none and more than willing to assist you! They make it easy to believe in the company, get involved and work hard to make it a success!.

I am looking forward to a long and successful partnership with JTT!

To your success!

L. Miller

Mike Arouff:

I am very proud to win once again.It clearly shows that if you take the time to read the ads properly you have a bigger chance to win something.Thank you JTT for giving us these incredible possibilities.

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