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Just Ten Time Introduces 3 new membership levels for serious SEO Traffic Users.

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Exciting new update posted

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Results of the Pre-Launch Contest

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Muhammad Saleem:

Prize won Revshare and $100 Ad Credits
Great... I'm so happy to have received this prize.. never before has a traffic exchange given so much even I worked on other sites for 5 years...... I feel blessed.
It has motivated me to do more knowing I can be rewarded for my hard work..
hoping so it will be best programme ever in the history of online earning..
thank you Just Ten Time..

Judith G:

Wow! Since I joined Just Ten Time, I have been blessed with the prizes I've won so far. I have just won $50 in Ad Credits, just by surfing the sites. Valuable prize,wouldn't you agree?
Thank you, It's much appreciated.

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Revenue Sharing Program

Revshares can be gained in one of 3 ways. One is by purchasing one of the Special Ad packages described in the chart below from this site. Two is by buying Special Ad packages from YWBAds. Three by winning them in our SEO traffic Exchange. While you can purchase our products without the Revshare option we feel that this has the potential to add great value to our advertisers. Their is no extra cost added to the Special Ad Packages for the Revshare itself. It is just our way of saying thank you for your Purchase. One Revshare can turn into an unlimited amount of higher priced Revshares without the owner needing to purchase additional advertising. If they want more Advertising however they could purchase more for that purpose.

Revshare owners are not required to view ads to earn from their Revshare as that reduces the value of the ads that we sell. One of the ways that we share our Ad Revenue is with people who do view our ads by giving them a chance to win Revshares. Since the Revshares have such a high income potential this makes people chose to view them rather than be forced to. This makes our advertising far more effective than other forms of advertising where people are not generally paying attention to the ads since there is no benefit to them to do so.

Revshares work as a sort of rebate system. The more sales the company makes the more money the Revshares produce since there is a real benefit for other advertisers to share the idea of using our product with others through these key features this creates an advertising system that does all the selling for us and we chose to reward all the parts of that system through this unique Revshare model.

The video gives more detail on exactly how the system works and the chart below show the cost and the potential earnings as well as how buyer can increase their value faster.

Note: The higher Revshares must be earned by cycling through the lower levels this insures that the bulk of the earning from the Revshares are paid to long time loyal and hard working members.  The more people you share our program with the more likely you are to reach those levels. When someone signs up under your link their revenue shares that they get will always follow you which can help you earn more than people who do not refer others.

Income Disclaimer: This is not an investment program, no company can predict future sales of any product, for this reason there is no guarantee of earnings from the rebates outside of a member or members of their downline selling enough ad packages to others to force their own revshares to cycle through in such a case the revenue would be guaranteed.



Cost Ad Credits Surf Credits Payout Full Places Open Places Top Places
 Feeder $17.00 4000 0 $8.50 8 10 2
 Tin $50.00 2000 100 $25.00 6 8 2
 Brass $100.00 4000 200 $50.00 6 8 2
 Copper $200.00 8000 400 $100.00 6 8 2
 Nickel $300.00 12000 650 $150.00 6 8 2
 Silver $500.00 20000 1150 $250.00 6 8 2
 Palladium $750.00 30000 1700 $375.00 6 8 2
 Gold $1,000.00 40000 2250 $500.00 6 8 2
 Platinum $1,500.00 60000 3700 $750.00 6 8 2
 Rhodium $2,000.00 80000 5000 $1,000.00 6 8 2
 Emerald       $1,500.00 6 8 2
 Sapphire       $2,000.00 6 8 2
 Ruby       $2,750.00 6 8 2
 Opal       $3,750.00 6 8 2
 Benitoite       $5,000.00 6 8 2
 Alexandrite       $7,500.00 6 8 2
 Diamond       $10,000.00 6 8 2
 Taafeite       $12,500.00 6 8 2
 Red Diamond       $17,500.00 6 8 2
 Californium       $50,000.00 6 8 2
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