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Just Ten Time Introduces 3 new membership levels for serious SEO Traffic Users.

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Exciting new update posted

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Results of the Pre-Launch Contest

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Lesliee Willats:

Thanks very much for the nice surprise of winning $100 in free ad credits! It feels great to be a winner!

Lesliee Willats

Alison Harwood:

Superb.....another win......thank you so much....this is so easy...anyone can win!

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Comp Plan

We have the most powerful comp plan in the Industry.


When you think about Traffic Exchanges income is not something that usually pops into your head. They are about advertising and getting a few extra bucks for referring a few friends. Well, that is all about to change. Our Sponsor Bonus program makes 'Just Ten Time' one of the biggest income opportunities to come along in years.

First, we have a standard matrix. You are not required to sponsor anyone to get paid off of this matrix. Since Traffic Exchanges are famous for attracting more people than standard online opportunities, and we knew that most people would opt to be paid rather than be free, we wanted this matrix to be as big as possible. The more people that a matrix holds the more income potential you have. In a normal program we would have to be concerned with spillover so we might go very narrow but that would limit how much a member could earn per month.  It would also cost the member a huge amount of money. Here is why:   The average traffic exchange marketer sponsors 50 or more members into their downline and bigger ones can easily sponsor a 1,000 personals or more. If you sponsor one of these people in our matrix you would make $1,000 a month off of them and that is not including what their people do. If you did it in say a 2x matrix you would make $254 max. Our matrix is a 7x7 that pays out $1 on all 7 levels.  And filled it pays out nearly 1 million dollars a month. With only 1% of it filled you would earn a whopping $9,600 a month which is more than 80% of the US population earns on their full-time jobs and that is if you did not personally sponsor anyone in your downline.

Spillover - Spillover is when the people above you sponsors more members than what are required to fill their first level. The extra people spill over under the people below them. People join our business for many different reasons. Just having traffic exchange people would be enough to cause the spillover you don't see in most programs because currently over 25 million people worldwide use them. The same goes with Paid to Click which is a separate and even larger group of people. This group would be much larger with a pay plan like ours because while they are hugely popular and have millions of active users there are even more people that don't use them because they are not willing to work for the typical 40 cents a day they earn. When combined with Splashback the amount of spillover is highly magnified.

Splashback - Splashback is a very powerful feature in our comp plan. Splashback is what happens when a Free member sponsors a Paid member. Free members do not earn from the income matrix or the sponsor bonus. Free members earn only traffic from surfing and for the efforts of their surfing downline down 4 levels.  Whenever a Free member sponsors a Paid member the Paid member goes under the Free member in their Surfing Matrix.  Now when it tries to enter the Paid Matrix it can't because its sponsor does not have one so it splashes back upline until it hits a paid member where it attaches permanently. The member that they splashed back on now becomes their sponsor in the comp plan as well as earning the sponsor bonuses from them. The free member remains their sponsor in the surf matrix.

Your Free members can make you Rich

Free members are here for 2 reasons only:   To get free advertising and to increase their ranking in the search engines. They will refer other members so that they will have to do less work to get those things. Now we already said that the average traffic exchange Marketer personally sponsors 50 people. But let's say they all got just 10 free members who are all looking for the same thing. Now let's say that 10% of those members became paid members. On level 1 that would be 1 paid member that you as a paid member got from Splashback. On level 2 it would be 10. On level 3 it would be 100. On level 4 it would be 1000. On level 5 it would be 10,000. Are you starting to see how crazy it can be? This goes to Infinity and we are talking about Paid members that are permanently yours. Paid members that you had nothing to do with sponsoring. The Free member gets what they came for and you get what you came for. So that is why you should try and find as many people as you can because the bigger your downline is the faster you make money.

Now for those who do sponsor it really gets exciting. Sponsors can receive multiple sponsor bonuses of between $5 and $5,125 per month for each person they sponsor. This part is our exclusive compensation plan. Everyone starts out with a $5 sponsor bonus for everyone that they sponsor and everyone is required to pass the first 2 bonuses to their sponsor. A 1 Star leader is someone who received two $5 bonuses. As your downline grows under you those payments will start to double and you will receive multiple payment from your personally sponsored people that represent the infinite payments coming up to you from your downline. This system takes the first 2 and automatically passes them up to the person who sponsored you and all the reset are kept by you.

If you had 2 people that were required to give you 2 people you would then have 4 more people for a total of 6 people. Those 4 new people would also be required to give you to people now you have:








To infinity. All these people would pay you $5 a month. In our program we let you keep the people and only the money is passed up. This prevents people from cheating their sponsor by signing up dummies accounts. The system does not look at the people it looks at the payments so there is no way to cheat. As your downline gets deeper the $5 payments then create $10 payments and $20 payments and so on all coming from the $5 payments. We use a star system that allows you to see how you stack up to others. If you are getting payments of $20 then you know you are a 2 star leader.


It looks like this:

Level  1 Star   $10
Level  2 Star   $20
Level  3 Star   $40
Level  4 Star   $80
Level  5 Star   $160
Level  6 Star   $320
Level  7 Star   $640
Level  8 Star   $1,280
Level  9 Star   $2,560
Level 10 Star  $5,120

You don't just get one of these payments per month if you have sponsored a person who has moved to 5 star. For example, you earn $5+$10+$20$+$40+$80+$160 times 2 per month just for being their sponsor. The first 2 bonuses that every person earns are given to the sponsor. These bonus levels are not totals they are separate bonuses. The system will go down to infinity to pay them to you. That means every single person you sponsor over time as their business grows is worth up to $20,470 every month just from this bonus alone, and that does not even include the matrix money. This is your reward for working with your downline and growing your business.

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