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Just Ten Time Introduces 3 new membership levels for serious SEO Traffic Users.

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Exciting new update posted

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Results of the Pre-Launch Contest

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Randy G:

Thank you Just Ten Time for giving me a chance to win credits by surfing. I recently won $60.00 in surf credits, and this will help me build my business. I truly appreciate this opportunity!

Thank You,

Randy G


Thank you very much,to the CEO, this is excellent. Talk about luck. I was just saying to my wife I want to win Rev Shares and Hey Presto, awesome.

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News List

Dec-08-2016 - New Membership Levels
Just Ten Time Introduces 3 new membership levels for serious SEO Traffic Users.

Due to high demand Just Ten Time has introduced 3 new membership levels.

These levels allow you to earn more traffic from your surf time and of course allow you to earn more from your downline members who also use the bigger packages since the upline earns a percentage of advertising from their downline. So, if they earn more it means so do you.

Our current membership levels for the monthly membership are:
Bronze      1:1 for $24.99 a month.
Silver        1.5:1 for $29.99 a month.
Gold          2:1 for $34.99 a month.
Platinum    3:1 for $44.99 a month.

This means if you have a Platinum Membership for every site you view 3 other people look at your site.

These new packages allow you to save time and money. For SEO people on a tight budget, you can spend some of your spare time rather than money to get the extra SEO traffic you need.

To buy or upgrade to one of these levels, please see your overview page in your back office.

These packages do not affect the compensation plan as we did not want them to be too expensive by adding commission to them as well which would have made them less affordable to those who really need them. We are already have the highest paying compensation plan of any online advertising program by far.

Sep-13-2016 - New update posted
Exciting new update posted
Login to listen to the new call and learn about all the exciting news coming out. The update can be found in your back office under news on the left in the blue tabs.

Sep-09-2016 - Winners of the Pre-launch Contest
Results of the Pre-Launch Contest

Winners of the Pre-launch Contest

(Reminder: The contest was the Top Ten Sponsors would win a RevShare and their Sponsors would also win a RevShare)


Top Ten Sponsors and their Sponsors

All the Top Sponsors and their Sponsors have won a RevShare.


Jennie Menn, the true top sponsor with 55 referrals, awarded two of her RevShares to the last place tie winners and the remaining three will be placed in the traffic exchange. (Watch for those ads)

Congratulations to everyone on the list. Thank you for making the pre-launch a success.


If your name is one the list you have won one RevShare. If your name is on the list twice you have won Two RevShares. To claim each RevShare, please submit a testimonial to support for each RevShare. (Please include your location)


Please claim your RevShares by September 19, 2016

Aug-30-2016 - Conferance Call Posted
Conference Call posted in Members area under news.

Aug-29-2016 - Important Update
Important new info on the Pre-Launch.
Make sure your read the updated Info on the Pre-Launch page in the members back office.

Aug-29-2016 - Our Awsome Members
In nearly 16 years online I have never seen anything like this.
I am so proud of the membership that we have gathered here. I am completely blown away. My skype is blowing up with messages of people who have told me the spotted a winning Revshare ad while surfing but not one of them has claimed it, it has been show over 1000 time and yet no one has claimed it. All the people telling me about it either already won one or purchased one and they are all leaving it there so that someone who does not have one can claim it. This is the most amazing group of people I have ever seen and I am honored to have you here in my company. As long as I have been online people have talked about wanting to change the world and make the world a better place but I can say I have yet to really see anything genuine. These members don't just talk the talk they walk the walk. May God Bless each of them for their gracious deeds and selflessness. Peace and Blessings, Jennie

Aug-24-2016 - Member of the Month
Congratulations Leonard Aberts Winner of Member of the Month
Leonard Aberts Just Ten Times very first Winner of Member of the Month Prize package: 1 Revshare, $100 in ad credits, $270 surf credits

Aug-11-2016 - More Winners
More Winners

Latest Winners

The following members have Won the following rewards to celebrate the first week of prelaunch based on ranking in comparison to others. These are based on how many members they sponsored, how many members their people sponsored, how many people they sponsored who purchased ads or a combination there of.

Sammyjo1 $250 in ad credits

Walkingtall Revshare plus $150 in ad credits

saleem0906 Revshare plus $100 in ad credits

eltoccolocco Revshare plus $100 in ad credits

goodcarl Revshare plus $75 in ad credits

mlreynolds $100 in ad credits

Success8 $100 in ad credits

gold1222 $75 in ad credits

ywbamajul $75 in ad credits

Rainmnz $50 in ad credits

Thel  $50  in ad credits

Rams $50 in ad credits

You need to claim these by submitting a Testimonial through the support Desk about winning by Aug 18th 2016. Please Include the country you are from with your Testimonial.

Congratulations to all of you, great work.

Aug-07-2016 - Revenue Share Winners
Our First Revshare Winners. We have already given away over $5,000 is ad credits and Revshares with much more coming.

Winner so far of Revshares

Winner Sammyjo1- 1st to Sponsor a member after Prelaunch
Winner Sammyjo1- 1st to Sponsor Business
Winner Sammyjo1-1st to Sponsor a person who has sponsored someone
Those are 3 separate event involving 3 different members and She Receives 3 separate Revshares
Congratulation To you SammyJo that is outstanding work.

Mlreynolds- 1st to Sponsor someone that bought a Revshare

You need to claim these by submitting a Testimonial through the support Desk about winning and what you want done with the Revshare for example you could use it to qualify another Revshare of the same kind, use it to pay for someone else or just let it go under your sponsor as normal.

We have a lot more Revshares to give away so  get out there and make me proud so I have a reason to give you one or more.  You have 2 weeks to claim these. Please keep the Testimonial separate from direction on what to do with them. Only the Testimonial will be posted on the site. Please Include the country you are from.

Peace and Blessings,
Jennie Menn
CEO Just Ten Time

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