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Just Ten Time Introduces 3 new membership levels for serious SEO Traffic Users.

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Exciting new update posted

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Results of the Pre-Launch Contest

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L Miller:

Hi everyone,
L. Miller here.
I just won my 1st rev share at JTT!
That's great!
I have already won ad credits and surf credits!
You can too!
(Hint: be sure to take an extra 2-3 seconds when reporting code to double check your info before submitting it! I was so excited I hit some wrong keys and had to quickly re-submit info!)
Thanks JTT!

Lena Li:

thanks :) happy happy :) just won a revenueshare!!! before I won adcredits and surfcredits and that was awesome too but now a revenueshare wow!! fantastic... thanks JTT you rock! and my site http://kili.rocks is up 10 million places in 1 month that is amazing results so thanks for that also <3

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