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Just Ten Time Introduces 3 new membership levels for serious SEO Traffic Users.

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Exciting new update posted

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Results of the Pre-Launch Contest

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Muhammad Saleem:

Prize won Revshare and $100 Ad Credits
Great... I'm so happy to have received this prize.. never before has a traffic exchange given so much even I worked on other sites for 5 years...... I feel blessed.
It has motivated me to do more knowing I can be rewarded for my hard work..
hoping so it will be best programme ever in the history of online earning..
thank you Just Ten Time..

Bill Golliet:

"William Golliet is our new Member of the Month for surfing 600 sessions in one month. Prize package: 1 Revshare, $100 in ad credits, $270 surf credits"
I set my goal of 600 and was able to reach it with a day so spare! Surfing some every day (unless I was bared 24 hrs. for missing the little red box too often)made it happen! I am honored to be awarded this great package and will use it to promote my YWB and JTT projects! Thank You Jennie!

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